Both Sides Now

This post is not about the bad effects or smoking or promoting smoking or such. If you are offended by posts related to smoking and such, it may be worthwhile to browse elsewhere.

A few years ago, cigarette and tobacco ads were banned in most countries. Because it was law, most tobacco companies resigned to the law and stopped advertising; stopped sponsoring events, and eventually were denied any space in the public eye. It is probably, today, the only legal product available for sale that isn’t allowed to advertise.

It just doesn’t seem fair to me (now that the tobacco isn’t advertised in any form) that there is a plethora of anti-smoking ads all over the place. It isn’t a level playing ground – if you are willing to look at it in that sense; if you are. The effects of smoking have no bearing on this. Anti-smoking ads are just an example. Just. An observation on what seems a one-sided presentation.

I will tie your hands, gag you, and then beat you up.


9 thoughts on “Both Sides Now

  1. A man lights a cigarette in his kitchen, puts it in his mouth, then the back of his head blows up all over the kitchen wall and he falls on the table, then it goes silent. It really is a shock advert to stop smoking. It was horrible.
    Telling a smoker “smoking kills” is like telling an obese person “you need to cut down on the calories”.


  2. For some reason, from where I’m from, there are smoking ads on TV. Heck, I even remember a commercial that has a James Bond flavor in it, lol. I guess when the tobacco companies’ ads were ‘routed’ from your place, they found a new area they could go to.


  3. ==Sophie:
    Who? Me?

    All a matter of time before they take over. At least where you are, there seems to be some sense of equality

    not sure where you found the inspiration, but fair enough 😀


  4. The ads have ‘grew’ in size and frequency lately, and now there’re written government ads on the tobacco labels saying the good old ‘Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.’

    I’m not sure about the level of equality though. ‘Coz for some reason, whenever people here (well, people I know who smoke at least) tend to buy more when they see a bigger ‘No’ sign. So technically, it’s a one-sided fight. 🙂


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