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Take a context and burn it, all that will remain are the ashes of nothingness of meaning.

Shakespeare is as meaningful as the contexts that ‘experts’ tell us. Experts however are a recursive oxymoron because they ‘tell us’ rather than helping us find meaning. There was a mark that Macbeth made when “…he unseam’d him from the nave to the chaps, And fix’d his head upon our battlements”, but then, the discovery of that ‘mark’ would have been better enabled than told. And I wish I was back on stage.

Raag Bhoop (Vilambit, Madhayala, & Drut Teental) is only as useful to drown the staccato dialogue delivery of Jennifer Aniston.

I don’t understand abstract art, he says. But then, what does he understand of the discrete and concrete arts? He can’t make a coherent statement why Peter Paul Rubens captures his imagination. Why The Execution of Jane Gray, brings tears to his eyes. What redeemed the bonded men in Shawshank and set then free for those few moments when Duettino – Sull’aria played?

Play a game with words and you will learn that the rules of the game are written in words. It’s an algorithm built by words. Not numbers that you can deduce.

The nature of words is such that they strike tangents to the circles of thoughts – how some words are banned from entering the circle – how some feelings are prohibited from breaking the circumference of the circle – out to the tangent. The blame game played long and hard – and it continues unabated – with casualties on either side – sometimes the feelings go unexpressed and then some words feel useless without feelings to express.

Take love. Fight. Cry. Plead. Beg. Hope. Wish – for it to happen. In the moment that love reveals itself, you will forget all emotion that you suffered for that one moment of joy.

It takes an enormous amount of belief to get something done. But belief by itself doesn’t turn the mechanics of the gears that makes this world go round. It takes two – one to hold the belief – the other to struggle. Some day, it will be, when the abstract and the discrete will not be able to reside in one place. One will have to find the other. The middle of this year saw an amazing mixture of belief and struggle come through for one of the best moments in life so far.

Mental disorders don’t conform to structures. Why the third one now; “three” is the dominant numerical motif of rhetoric in the English language.

I have been a bit obsessed about my posts and blogs for sometime now – a fair confession in a world where site-meters, as concepts, abound. I have thought about readership and comments and site visits and such. Scalded enough in the cauldron that invites me to salvation yet expecting me to physically jump out of the brew, I have existed on the rim of the burning vessel. The third witch is the most elusive.


It is a time for goodbyes. The New Year milestone has been questioned and cursed enough. But this is as good a milestone as any other. If not now, you would do it on a birthday or perhaps on the death of an entity. Or just some ordinary overcast usual dull day. Or the day of a significant event. Or at 3:30 in the afternoon on a day when an in-your-face stupid truth slaps you hard on your left cheek with a twang of reality that you have always known but never acknowledged. (Thank you Baz Luhrman)

I love milestones. Since I remember, I have cherished them. More often than not, they were the count of how close I was getting to my grandparents’ home. I will never curse a milestone. While some of us may curse the trite New Year as a milestone, I believe in the milestone. As much as we present a fake and a strong argument against the concept of milestones, we need them as markers to take stock of our life. New years, birthdays, calendars, graduations, achievements – minor and otherwise (from institutions and love affairs), all milestones. We need them. But we don’t need to tell anyone that we do.

At this milestone, I will stop. Things apparently aren’t making sense. This one says 0km. I don’t have to go any further on this particular road.

For those of you that believe, I wish you yet another year that brings enough challenges that prods you along, makes life difficult and you better, and makes you do the wonderful things that you have done in life – make life a wonderful place to be.



10 thoughts on “The Year-end OCPD Blog

  1. make anyone believe…was the phrase…

    For those of you that believe, I wish you yet another year that brings enough challenges that prods you along, makes life difficult and you better, and makes you do the wonderful things that you have done in life – make life a wonderful place to be.


  2. juss wrote a little opposite of what u said….check it out

    but i believe in all the beliefs…every belief has its place…at the same time oppose all of them if they graduate from belief to hyperbole…weird though it may sound

    …Wish you a very happy new year


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