The Soldiers’ Resolve

We Were Soldiers - 2

Each for himself gathered up
The cherished purposes of life
Its aims and ambitions
Its dearest affections
And flung all with life itself
Into the scale of battle

Detail here.

To fight is to cherish life itself, in a not-so-obvious romantic manner. It’s not mushy, but it is romantic.

Every question that makes a finger reluctant on a willing trigger is a question about the purpose of life itself. Each doubt that makes a step hesitant towards the once-accepted belief is doubt on the premise that defined the purpose. The zombie-like wanderings in the darkest recesses of our minds are just a search – not for the purpose – but the premise and the ‘cause’.

Motivation is like a re-run of your favourite soap or sitcom – you see it only because you faintly recall what made you like it. And we look for motivation to the extent that we buy DVD box sets of these sitcoms and soaps.

We try running it over and over again; the truth of it – knowing as much as we do what it meant in the first place – hoping that we will feel the same eagerness and excitement.

It has been a little over five years since I lost the one icon that I cherished the most: for the person who gave it to me; for the unspoken reason of what it was meant to be; for what was engraved on it:

In war, resolution
In defeat, defiance
In victory, magnanimity



4 thoughts on “The Soldiers’ Resolve

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe no one had some thing to say here.I was so trying not to be the person to leave the first comment.

    Those last lines are so profound.I don’t know what was your context, but for me it such a strong and pertinent attitude/message.

    I do think it is the belief that makes an action acceptable.The reluctance is only going to be there, when there isn’t a strong foundation to that belief.I agree we look for motivation ‘in places’..but I think it really comes from one’s thought process.


  2. ==EU:
    I’ll admit, i thought the post wasn’t showing up or something – because i was getting comments on the post before.

    my context is irrelevant, as such – i believe this makes sense to most of us. only, that war isn’t about ‘real’ war. we fight one with ourselves all the time 🙂


  3. “To fight is to cherish life itself, in a not-so-obvious romantic manner. It’s not mushy, but it is romantic”

    well said, bro! for me, the fight began a long time ago – i can’t even remember when.

    the tough part of the whole deal is, there are also people on the other side – those that don’t indulge in these fights owing to some fear or anxiety ro whatever. or they just choose to ignore that irking feeling that arises when in doubt – they simply bury it.

    whats tough is how such people find it impossible to accept our own wars 🙂

    the last lines – striking! may i borrows them, please?


  4. ==Dharma:
    if people choose not to fight based on fears – that is one thing – when they disbelieve in the sense of purpose – it is a different thing altogether.

    please feel free to borrow the lines, they are Churchill’s 🙂


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