What a Wonderful Year

All of them have international-calling-enabled mobile phones; at least three chat messengers, and at least three email addresses. I have five phones (mobiles and fixed lines), another four-odd email addresses, and I am always on-line on at least two of the five instant messengers that I have. And I forget – a few of us have webcams too.

I have blogs (ten of them, for God’s sake), and they have blogs too. We have our personal discussion groups that we are subscribed to, and we are connected on various social networking sites.

In the end – none of these matter.

I have friends who have made consistently adamant excuses recurring every time of how they don’t believe in “impersonal digitized communications.” I have tired friends heading home – and in my mind victims (for me) of the difference in time zone.

But it doesn’t matter in the end – for those that really want to talk with you will go out to the phone booth and make a traditional operator-assisted collect call to you – just because they felt like it, “felt like speaking with you”. In an era where geography takes us away from each other and things can’t be permanent – our willingness to hear the voice and read the chat phrase and see a dithered webcam image is solid proof of life.

It has been a year of missing friends being with them and getting used to missing them and being with them. It has been a year or learning geography all over again, beyond the facts – learning geography as a subject that helps learn life.


One of my favourite bloggers is considering a break. I have been bitten by the bloggers block recently and so have some others.

It has been an eventful year; regarding blogging, the biggest change was moving from Blogger to WordPress. One eventful event it was. And I will say it – I am happy about the change. Blogger is now out of beta, and I must say I am glad – in retrospect – that I wasn’t a guinea pig. Irrespective of all the fun-stuff that they offer – I feel comfortable and happy here. I am equally glad that most of my Blogger friends didn’t give up on me. Though – I will admit – it seems that some of them haven’t taken a huge liking to my new home.

So, is it just indulgence that I think about my blogs so much? Because people have been scared about my blog, often intimidated, and the like, or so I have been told. Though, most posts were meant as an invitation to engage. Somehow I seemed to have failed in that – and before I complete this sentence, I will say that all of you who have argued like hell against (and for) whatever I have said – are the ones – in a way – who have kept it all alive. Over six-thousand views in three months is a sign. Four days from now and it will be three years since I started blogging. Time, like the years, seem to be passing so quickly by us, there years doesn’t seem as much – yet the sheer content of the experience overwhelms.

Expression is an art. The tools don’t matter. We have moved beyond paper and pencil and paint. We have moved to Instant Messengers, mobile phones, email and social networking. Yet, we sleep uneasy with a somehow limited expression; each entry into the slumber is a promise of how we will do it better tomorrow.

It has been a wonderful year; I am at home; my meaning of home is now expanding.

Regarding otherwise, it has been a year of contemplation. Taking stock; sort of. Seeing where you were and where you are. New things happened – I made some new friends and – as is always the case – I learnt new things. In short – there was a nano-step towards evolution.

Things will change as the years go by and I wish nice things happen for all of you who read through. In this festive season, as I wander the streets of life, I find that Love, Actually is everywhere. It is just our blindness and need to categorise – that makes us see love as that a type or the other.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Lights on Regent Street


13 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Year

  1. Haven’t followed your blog recently but it’s fun to visit back! Happy Holidays and have a wonderful wordpressed (as against pressed for words) year ahead!


  2. ==Abaniko:
    Ditto – It’s just Christmas here – an hour ago.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 🙂 Wish you the same

    Welcome back – will continue pressing words – no more ‘mincing’ words 🙂


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