21 December 2056


It was on the Thursday, 21 December 2006 that someone had first imagined it. It has been exactly fifty years since; and it is now a reality. On 21 December 2056, the first ‘LE DVD’ was launched officially and open to subscription to the public.

Smartly, launched just a few days before the festive season, the LE DVD now allows you to carry all your memories with you on a single disk for just 9.99. For those of us who would like to share our life experience with others, there is also a website hosting service available at 24.99. It allows your friends to view comment and link up to their own LE DVD experiences creating the most amazing experience of the life that you have lived.

What is the LE DVD?
The LE DVD, is the output of a simple procedure that collects all memories from your mind (even from the recesses that you do not have access to) and creates a single full motion video on a DVD that you can play off any CPD2 that you have, including your TV and handheld device. Your entire life, from the time you took your first breath is available in full motion video (DVD Quality) for all the time that you had your eyes open. Any items that you had forgotten are available to you at the click of a thought. The most interesting feature of the LE DVD is the community feature – because only when a chapter in your LE DVD is linked with a friends’ LE DVD chapter, you can see yourself. As you may have guessed, your friends have to be linked through a Mind Tag to create this wonderful immersive experience.

For the time when you were asleep, it converts only audio at this time; however, folks at LE are working the next versions of LE which will be able to convert your dreams to full-motion video.

How do I get an LE DVD?
The entire procedure takes less than an hour and is a completely non-invasive and harmless procedure that has now been certified by Global Electronics & Media for Medicine Management Association (GEMMMA) as a safe procedure. See the links below – to find your nearest LE Centre.

What do you get?
For just 9.99 you get a single media device with all your life experience in full motion video that plays on any CPD2 as an interactive module. You can search the device by dates, time, people, events, places and keywords. The procedure is completely secure and requires your MPA (Mind Password Authentication) to display the video. Using your MPA protocol, you can choose chapters in the LE DVD that can be viewed by the public or a select few in the LE DVD community. Access control is completely yours and comes with some sophisticated access control features.

How does it work?
It is really simple; you just plug the LE DVD into your preferred CPD2 and Think Play. Use the interactive features to view the entire Life Experience as a single show (it also remembers where you left off, a useful book-marking feature) or choose to view certain periods or items related to certain people only. Using latest technology, your entire Life Experience is converted to NLP4-friendly format and does natural language searches too. Use VR3 (sold separately for 16.99 and a worthwhile add-on) to just remember and say out loud a dialogue that happened and you get perfect results of events in your Life Experience.

How do you use it?
Well, that’s up to you isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “21 December 2056

  1. It is a great concept,but I wouldnt be putting my money on it.

    People forget things for a purpose.To maintain sanity is one of the biggest.What made them happy or a better person people always tend remember even that cut u got when they were 3,or the 25 attempts at tying a shoe lace when they were 5 and succeeded.It is very hard to push back memories and I wouldnt want to be in a place where I could be reminded of the unwanted at the click of a button


  2. ho ho! far fetched, like the time machine – but very interesting indeed.

    personally, i wouldn’t go for it – not even if it was for free (i have a friend who believes that ‘phukat mein miley, to phenyl bhee ley lo’!). for one, i’m a person who consciously tries to consciously try and avoind brooding about the past. for if we were in touch with the past – we’d invariably end up thinking how ‘differently’ we could have been, or done something. the past is gone, and to reminded of everything, imho, would make life dull 😦

    i try very hard, to just be – savouring the moment, not letting anything go by, but experiencing the people, the events, and everything to the fullest.


  3. ==EU:
    Fair enough – it is a product on sale – like any other. It is not a big brother thing, at least, as yet! 😉

    Not all times do people forget something for a purpose, sometimes it just gets lost in managing memories of today and the recent past. The worst memories, really, whether or not such a product is available or not, never go away – we can only ignore some memories – never forget them, can we?

    Thanks DD – glad you liked it!

    It is Dharma, it is. But don’t be too surprised in the Christmas of 2056!

    It’s interesting that you have the same take as EU – the letting go of memories. What about the potentially nice ones that we may have lost? If I use the same argument that you have presented, the same base also allows us to become better people, perhaps? Learn from our mistakes and such?

    Having such a ‘product’, to me is not about living in the past – perhaps only about knowing a past that helps our present.

    Anyways, like I said, you still have the choice to get yourself one or not. Thank you for the interesting perspective.

    I thought you would notice that I didn’t mention any currency. 50 years later, buddy – free your mind!



  4. ==Dharma:
    Thanks – not smart really – I was hoping it would be obvious, in a way. Again, so much hesitance – it just takes a few to change the world, really, doesn’t it? 🙂


  5. Er..in reference to your reply to Prashant’s comment..You are the only one who can get defensive about the concept.It is yours for you to defend don’t you think? Other’s are only voicing their thought process, they could be attacking it, definitely not being defensive about it…


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