My Gun Rack

Once in a while a situation comes along and obstinately presents itself as a huge challenge. The obvious response (is that what reflex is?) is to buckle down and succumb. It’s either because it is obvious or because it is easy.

But if I don’t buckle down (and it would be a nice assignment to find out why) there is this tendency to gingerly raise my hand and feel the hurdle – feel its texture, use other senses and see the size of that hurdle, hear the loud and possible scary sounds that it makes.

Use all my senses and one more to determine what the hurdle really is.

Use my other hand to steady myself, slowly get on to my knees and stand up eventually – now staring hard into its face.

Once I get here, it starts becoming easy. I see the porous nature of the challenge – it’s fragility in spite of its enormity. And then, in a flash, all my learning comes back – like the swoosh of the gun racks that Neo and Trinity once had. Knowing that the gun rack is always with you is a good feeling! I felt like that today – it has been a while since the sun and I said hi and bye at the same time.

I have heard that we never forget how to swim; how to ride a bicycle. They didn’t say it right.

What they meant was that all that you ever need to know is always with you – you only need to access it at the right time.


7 thoughts on “My Gun Rack

  1. I for the sake of a conversation..beg to differ…Cycling or swimming are reflexes..Once your body knows read Nervous system what arc of reflex to follow it will do so at the instant it recives the stimulus…

    Life might be a different ball game altogehter..

    But I do get what you are saying.Really I do..:)


  2. ==EU:
    it is all about survival in that sense – I guess in that case it just boils down to what you need to survive ‘from’.

    we will remember it when we need it the most! thank ye!


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