A Tense Relationship

With every step forward in the present towards the future, there is one step back into the past.

I have heard different thoughts from different people about what takes us forward; broadly, there are two schools of thought. One suggests that we go forward by expectation, guided by dreams and ambitions, the other bases our progress on all that has happened in the past; what we did before got us here.

Wouldn’t it therefore follow that if we aren’t where we want to be, then we haven’t enough dreams and ambitions or that we haven’t done enough in the past? Either of them holds true – it depends on which school of thought you subscribe to. I believe that these are just two classes in the same school.

The step forward walks in a dense fog of anxiety and fear of the unexpected. It is a step that we take nonetheless. The step is not, however, a frightened orphan in that sense: it has the blessings and the strength of accumulated knowledge of the past and vision of the dream to guide it.

The past and the future are the parents of the present.


2 thoughts on “A Tense Relationship

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