A Stationary December



I won’t be doing the December things I have done the last few years. Like this, this, and this. This is one December that I will travel through the roads and paths of my mind. I only have to close my eyes. I will, however, miss December as I have known it.

Maybe this year’s December will happen in the next January. Maybe it won’t. Of all the people who advocated travel as therapy, I am sure they meant for us to use all possible roads. The one made of tar and mud and the ones that we build in our minds.

I will miss Konkan this December. I will miss my car. Man, I am going to miss her sore. I will miss all the physical experience of travel. Blow-drying my right side burns with humid Konkan wind. I will gain, however. I will gain of an experience I have never had. This is the first time I will be celebrating Christmas below 10 deg C.

The shops are all decorated with Christmas trees here. Some of them green – like they are supposed to be – some of them designer white. Snowflakes out of the microscope.

I saw smiles on the street today; more than I saw people.

I saw a family today. I saw fathers speaking through Darth Vader Voice Changing Helmets. Geography teaches you more than just maps – it teaches you the value of distance. I saw proud and happy mothers; adoring mothers. Love, through a smile from a distance. I walked along Regent Street and I saw more life and lights in an evening that was almost night. The lights helped – but the people lit up my way all the way. I missed my family and I didn’t.

On my way back home, I saw the moon today. You see it (below) as I saw it. Some thought it to be eerie – I thought it was beautiful.

I came home happy, carrying more than Christmas gifts. For a reason, more than the smiles on the street – I carried back so much of love, it just overflows. And it reminded me of:

रूप तेरा ऐसा दरपण में ना समाय
खुशबू तेरे तन कि मधुबन में ना समाय
ओ मुझे खुशी मिली इतनी
के मन में ना समाय
पलक बंद करलूं कहीं छलक ही ना जाय

Please don’t ask me to translate, I will never be able to do justice to this poet. Just think of beauty and love that you cannot contain. It just overflows. Think of the cup, that runneth over. But for what it is worth, let me ping my good friend asuph to translate it for me. A, please do justice, if you will. I do trust you.


I told Santa Claus, “I’ll take up some of your work. I know you have been busy, let me help you.” He looked at me; smiled through all the white fluffy hair around his lips. And that was the smile that made my day. This December, I’ll travel like you Santa. I’ll make my own road.

I often wonder – who is Santa’s Santa Claus? We are all, aren’t we? If you don’t believe me, just think of Santa Claus beyond the gifts.
PS: If you can’t see the Devnagri characters, set your browser to be able to view Unicode UTF-8. If it’s too geeky, get a friend to help you.

PPS: I think, this is the first time, I used Devanagri in Gaizabonts. 🙂

The Moon Says Hi


11 thoughts on “A Stationary December

  1. …This December, I’ll travel like you Santa. I’ll make my own road… 🙂
    And Atul,i love this Christmas season verymuch..Not only this..everyone!!


  2. Atulllll….it’s beautiful! The moon looks like a sketch… it’s hard to believe that it’s photograph. And you write like wine, smooth and silky. It was a delight to read this post. You must write more.


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  4. Hey Atul,

    Agree with AFJ. This writing itself is lyrical. And thanks for those lyrics. I honestly tried, but the end-result is frankly not there! I’m honored, though, that you thought of me for the translation. Today you’ll realize the folly 😉



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