Of Breadcrumbs and Pebbles

Breadcrumbs & Pebbles - 3

A dear friend helped me find the courage around the writers’ block. “Sometimes when you are lost in the forest – or circle – you need to pay attention to those breadcrumbs before the birds eat them.” Thank you, because the last time I took a break it was over 270 days.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time than, when I was wandering in the forest of bloggers’ block looking for scattered Breadcrumbs and Pebbles.

Blogging is like that. Breadcrumbs and Pebbles – posts that are drafts and those that were posted.

Life’s like that.

Breadcrumbs and Pebbles

Things that we did and didn’t. Things that we said and didn’t. Things that we left behind that stayed behind, and then the things that we left behind, but were nowhere to be found. We wish, like Hansel and Gretel that the breadcrumbs were pebbles – it is comforting. It is always nice to know where we came from – it lights up the way home. Follow the pebbles back home.

Not all pebbles are comforting; some are in fact annoying – there are those that you wish you hadn’t left behind. The path goes both ways – as much as you can trace your way back with the pebbles, someone can trace you if they follow the pebbles forward. Reminders of where we were once. Sometimes, we wish that some pebbles were breadcrumbs.

But whether Breadcrumbs or Pebbles, remember what Morpheus said, “No, I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me.

One pocket of Breadcrumbs and another of Pebbles; just use them at the right time.


14 thoughts on “Of Breadcrumbs and Pebbles

  1. I never leave words unspoken which brings me
    plain comfort. But I have watched my little
    pebbles get eaten by birds – as they were
    merely breadcrumbs after all:(

    you are such a …. pure….reflection of a
    life thoughtfully lived. Poetic and precise.


  2. ==Sophie:
    Thank you – that is why – better to have two pockets – one for the Bs and one for the Ps. 🙂 yes, there is no spoon!

    You are having examinical hallucinations!

    Jolly’s block is good – he comes back pretty well – i’ll see what your block does to you 🙂


  3. Liked this,forest of bloggers’ block looking for scattered Breadcrumbs and Pebbles..,theory..
    And i’m glad you came out of the situation earlier this time..Thanks for your dear friend. 😉


  4. Classic Gaiza – Need I say more :)….

    Of course I will :P. If I walked back finding the pebbles and breadcrumbs would I be going back in the past or walking in to the future?


  5. ==DD:
    Thanks – yes i am out (i think). it helps being around with you guys! 🙂

    Depends; is the future ahead or behind? or do you step back to change the pebbles so that you change the future later?


  6. sophie was right, this is a great post.
    i have many breadcrumbs and yes, pebbles too. some of those pebbles sometimes seem like boulders and i have wished at times i had left breadcrumbs. but…

    and let us not even discuss blogger’s block!


  7. ==Pandave:
    Ah! been bitten by the bloggers’ block bug too, eh?

    Welcome to Gaizabonts! You are the first ‘known’ New Yorker on Gaizabonts and that makes me happy. New York is close to heart. More here

    And thank you!

    I try, I try hard and then you guys help me – btw, i like the guest post funda 🙂 If this hadn’t broken the blog – would have done it! 🙂


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