Creative All Around

Music on the Top


Creative reflection eludes a thinking individual very easily.
Run in circles if you’d like to verify.
Escape is impossible when you are stuck inside.
Around the grid revolves abstract creativity bound together.
Think about what you seek in this act.
I could tell, but the mystery would evade.
Venetian moats around the city flow like rivers.
Even various intellectuals travel an elusive rounded circumference.


My early attempt at riddles. Can you guess what it is? The answer is in there, so are the hints. Have fun! (The image is just a filler, but helps, in a funny way)

Folks, who have seen this before and know about it, control yourself.

It first appeared at Deep Recess, here. Spend some time with it, till the block is overcome.


12 thoughts on “Creative All Around

  1. ==DD:
    Close, just rearrange – it is creative!

    ==PK & Sophie:

    Here’s the answer.


    If you are still planning to solve it, dont read ahead.

    Write down the first letter of all the eight words in the first line. Then write the first letter of the first words of all the eight lines. Now write down the first letter of all the eight words in the last sentence. Read in reverse. Finally, write down the first letters of the last eight words of all the lines, again – read in reverse.

    Now read the eight lines again. It was always there, wasn’t it?


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