Blogging Blues


Bloggers’ block is blocking my blog-blood. I blink and draw a blank. Blessed I was when beliefs flowed with blistering beats on my blogs. But blue is the behaviour and black is the board. Blanc, actually. Blabber on the blog is now belted back.

All is a blob of blurred beliefs. A ballet of blasphemy.

But I blog on, blah, blah and blah.


20 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

  1. I think your blog is bountiful. I feel like
    you hand me binoculars to see the world as you see it –
    it makes me feel bashful about my silly comments
    because you are so smart – and i adore the
    feeling of bonhomie in your writing –
    like a little wink or self effacing bonfire of
    smiles…you are generally bookish but still
    endearing…so i wouldn’t worry about the
    petit blockade:)


  2. man, what are you impressed by Big B or what?

    blocks are healthy. they’re a sign that we’re probably doing the same thing over and again, and need to re-examine… you’ll come back, with a Big Bang.

    chill out,


  3. ==Amit:
    Always been impressed by Big B – but this post is not inspired by him! I guess, yes, just sitting back and taking a look.


    Baba who does blah blah! the first comment was more thoughtful! πŸ˜›


  4. hellooooooooooooooo…just missing you:)

    you could simply post photos!!

    or a beautiful childhood memory.

    Or why your fave color is your fave.

    Or your funny quirks in your personality.


  5. ==Dharma:
    overload you mean? but it doesnt work that way does it? it just doesnt stop doing what it does – the hyperactive mind! πŸ™‚

    frankly, i am missing me! Just photos don’t make sense, childhood memories are difficult to choose from, never thought abt that colour, and for the last one, well – having ten blogs and not finding something to write is the biggest quirk i sense at this stage!

    Coming soon πŸ™‚


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