2,999 on November 13th, 2006.

A dozen days later, 3,938 (now that I am not addicted to round figures). What can I say, you guys rock!


6 thoughts on “3,938

  1. ==E&U:
    haha, no i meant – i need to rethink on what i write, so that people may understand (my previous posts). You all are my heroes – its 4,014 as i reply to this comment. Keep them collars high!

    No, was never good at maths – my teachers never told me the value of numbers. They only wanted answers from me (even though they knew the answers!). I learnt the hard way, what numbers mean. I like them now, though I continue to be intimidated by them still, to an extent.

    I have replied on your post for the Hindi word.


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