Risk Factor

Contemplation: Panhala Fort, Kolhapur, MH, India.jpg

There are, I guess, only three reasons why people survive: anything. They risk, they don’t, or someone else takes a risk for them

Only one reason, however, takes us forward; brings about the change – a tiny contribution to evolution. By the ones, who are willing to risk it, fight for it. It is all a Risky Business, according to the Gypsy, and I agree.

But risking inertia is not as easy as just standing up and fighting. There is always the first step, without which nothing will ever happen – we won’t move.

And critically so, even before the risk is taken – there has to be a purpose behind the act itself. That purpose, then guides the “risk management”. Why you take a risk is more important than taking the risk.

Is calculated risk, therefore an oxymoron? How do we calculate and plan the unknown? What is the value of chance? And anyways, if we are calculating something (anything), is it a risk at all? Taking a calculated risk is determined by whatever abstract result that you get out of that calculation.

Not by the purpose of a decision.


10 thoughts on “Risk Factor

  1. it seems you can always identify the purpose to
    the first step – or the intention…
    what intriques me however is when suddenly you leap
    into that first step without any understanding
    as to WHY you leapt – it is so pure –
    as if threre were absolutely nothing to precede it –

    just this wonderful step –

    you do not know until you know –

    but you have no idea why….

    curious….and beautiful.



  2. Atul,
    Me taken the three types of reasons u mentioned for a particular task and implemented them..And it’s a calculated risk too.But it’s a failure..Me tried to fight in various ways against all the odds..but Inertia came into existence that time..so me had to leave the task in the middle.I hope..Hope should have a significant role..which i lacked.. hmmm
    And the pic! it’s so gud..Have u taken that one from another cliff? I don’t think you know him if u’re from another cliff..lolz Anyways..this pic gives me acrophobic shivers from botttom to top…hehe..


  3. ==Sophie:
    I think another word for the ‘leap’ is belief or its equivalent. Like Tracy Chapman said, starting from zero, got nothing to lose. Very curious, I completely agree with you!

    Thank you @ photo. I don’t know who it is in the photo. Yes, I took this photograph at Panhala, near Kolhapur, South Maharashtra.

    Glad the post struck a chord somewhere 🙂

    Yes, I don’t know that person. Yes, the knees sometimes give indication of giving away! 🙂

    😀 not really, from where I was; I was on terra firma, away from any ‘risk’!


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