The Winter of Words

Words seem to be the autumn/winter theme.

They are failing to make meaning in some instances or falling short in others. Their translation from a language to another causes the loss in meaning or the intention is lost in the incomplete use of words.

Elsewhere, their sheer utterance in a weave – so that a set thought gets translated through words for us to understand.

The Winter of Words

Boyzone said it best I guess, the ultimate resignation to reality and nature of words:

it’s only words
and words are all I have

But then they are good friends too, these words, because they work better than silence. The meaning of silence is relatively more relative than words. And till such time ESP becomes common, we have to try and understand our friends better – know that they can only help only as much as we will allow them – like most good friends.

But these words, I tell you, sometimesโ€ฆ


12 thoughts on “The Winter of Words

  1. hmmm – i thought i left a message?

    ahhh…words. SO complex. For words can be
    false and crush a heart when this is realized:(
    words that are summoned and convey the
    FEELING true – and interpreted and felt as
    the truth are magic –
    i find…poor though my writing be – i am able
    to place my heart better as i am shy –
    and it helps me find my way…to express myself.
    ESP won’t help unless it is ESP of the

    i am sure i have confused you here –
    i love love love the photo –
    i take it you are in London?

    I love the lighting in that photo:)


  2. ==sophie:
    you mean a message other than the one above?

    No, am not confused by what you say, am in agreement – just that if it has to be the language of heart, then the language shud be known on both sides. Words can only do as much the heart feels. ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank you @ photo, this one was taken near Central Park, New York. The snow and the sun play very well in this one – on gold, even! Yes, I am based in London for sometime.


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