The Final Plan

The moment of truth was drawing near. He bore no signs of anxiety, no cold sweat, no clammy hands, yet his mind was racing one decision against another – what would he do? He always had his fallback planned. The pressure cooker; he smiled to himself.

He weighed his options, turned back and looked at the resources he had. Given time, any plan would work with these resources – but today – he needed to do something different. There they were; rounded obelisks studded with pearls, the baby corns aligned as if they were ready to launch. The moment he saw them, he knew that they were in the game today – he still hadn’t thought how he would use them in today’s plan; he gingerly picked them up nevertheless. He got them out of the case – the plan was baking in front of him. The plan, he imagined could have been very simple – he chose to assign more glory to them than that. He got camouflage sheets out, those loving leaves of the lettuce embracing each other as if forever.

In an instant he was transferred to Roman times. His plan was as clear as the sky; except he wished for a wisp of a cloud in that sky. There would be twist in his salad. Those missiles were deftly converted to wheels with rough treading and they all assembled in the pan, where they were spiced up for what would be the look of the final plan. As they sizzled through, the iceberg was reduced to a soft cushion of green and adorned with mayo and red pepper sauce. The base was set by the croutons-in-waiting. They were all set for the final stage of the plan. Finally, still sizzling, the baby corns came and landed softly on the cushion of lettuce. It was time, almost.

The biggest contributions to any plan are the ones that go unnoticed – by the small fellows. In this plan, Nando’s sauce was the real hero, he was on the top.

He smiled to himself, his plan had saved him from the unexciting ‘pressure’ of ‘cooking’. The plan was a huge success and he lapped it all up in sheer pleasure. It was going to be a pleasant evening – even as many people around the world tomorrow would wake up to a surprise and a mild shock – he knew they would never believe that he had cooked and ate a large bowl of Babycorn Caesar Salad for dinner!


And no, I am not losing it.


26 thoughts on “The Final Plan

  1. One Large Bowl? All alone? sure? all alone???? Now thats bad,you dint even invite us:(
    Dont say anything against Pressure cookers sir,I alteast survive because of them on working days:)


  2. ==alapana:
    yes – all to myself! and no, the pressure cooker is a life saver…at times. 🙂

    so – why was this easy? 😉

    nah – wont make some thing as ‘exotic’ for you 😛 yes, it was tasty. (I made it so!)

    and the post too, right? 🙂


  3. Awesome!..I didn’t know Nandos did a Ceaser sauce too.
    What a co-incidence though.I discovered a Nandos in Mumbai.It was just as aweosme as I remember it back in the Queen’s land, except this one had better company.


  4. Mmmmmmm

    Love my greens crisp. Didn’t spot the croutons or the peppers in the pic. – take your word about them and how yum ’twas. The lettuce and baby corn look good enough to … eat 🙂


  5. ==Soumyadip
    Trust you to think like that – the culinary clues were there all the time! I did enjoy it 🙂

    Ah well, just adding a bit of spice!

    Prashant, welcome, you should try it is nice!

    The croutons were mixed with the lettuce and the pepper was in the sauce, really. The were delicious – all of them together 🙂


  6. ==Abaniko:
    haha, you are too generous – i am content with the salad bowl and your comments 🙂

    Thank you !!! I was hoping that would be it – bringing some excitement – in an otherwise dull salad bowl 🙂


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