Letting the Light Through

A few eventful weeks of forced thought, rigorous analysis, viewing my emotions through a kaleidoscope, and just a blink of the eye: it all boils down to one search for a song on a chat – which brings it all out in the open. It triggers a post that I should have written earlier and experiences that I am compelled to share. This chat conversation reminded me of what Richard Bach mentioned in Illusions. You teach best, what you most need to learn.

How fast and easily we travel in life is a factor of the load we carry. How much load we carry is a factor of how much we are willing to let go. But we often don’t let go, we are scared. Is it the actual “letting go” or is it “how we let go”? Won’t I need it for later? Do we silently leave it behind or do we just dump it? I refer back to Fredrick Perls’ Gestalt Therapy Verbatim or it was possibly The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Therapy (I don’t recall and I hate not having my bookshelf with me). Someone I know very well who had read Perls’ books long before I did – had used the phrase ‘make the cut’ in the context of Gestalt. I didn’t realise the significance of the three words long after I had read these and other such book, I wish I could share this feeling today with him. Words are only a guide – the essence of any meaning is in its experience.

Words are also traitors of a kind. They are so ill-equipped to convey what we really mean – and it doesn’t matter if you have excellent wordsmith DNA in your brain. A human face is a slightly evolved vocabulary, mind you just slightly evolved. The face can convey a meaning closer to the real; it is intelligent too; has the ability to twist and add flavour to the meaning. The eyes, they say are the window to the soul – the visual vocabulary. But this language is complicated – as complicated perhaps like learning the Chinese or the Japanese language. Not impossible, but daunting, at least in the beginning.

But words are mere messengers of the meaning. You don’t kill a messenger for bringing you a message that you don’t understand, so you don’t curse words when they don’t exactly mean what is supposed to be. And these messengers always carry a sign with them. A sign we often miss – a sign that has more meaning than words, faces, and eyes together can ever convey. But if we see the sign even once our entire world changes – for the better.

To let go is to lighten your load. Like all airlines advise us to travel light – and it does make perfect sense – so too it makes good sense to travel light on the journey of life. And you leave the load behind for many reasons – but you never leave it behind because you detest it. Any baggage, including anger, fear, love, and frustration helped us in some way to get us where we are. We leave baggage behind because we don’t need it any more.

Crass and inconsiderate as it may sound – this blog is my dumping ground. All my baggage is lying around here. Each thought here was a chemical activity in my head someday. You can see the equations here. You can’t dump just any bag, you may have realised by now. You have to select the one that you don’t need anymore. Therefore each thought here was carefully selected to be left behind. Not to forget, just to leave behind. And therefore, there isn’t a thought on Gaizabonts that is any more favoured than the other. All have helped in some way; in some form.

Even if the words don’t exactly say so.


13 thoughts on “Letting the Light Through

  1. beautifull… and u r right, words r not conveying what i mean 🙂
    atleast this dumping ground is better than the ones we encounter in our daily lives, atleast u r just leaving your words behind, not throwing them at random, like all of us do so often.
    and before i commit the same sin, i must tell you that the ‘tune tag’ is up at delhidreams.
    i’ve just twisted it a bit.
    thanks atul.
    and once again, u’ll understand this thanks not in its entirety…whoops, is that a new word 😉


  2. I have to admit it has taken some reading and then rereading to make some sense in my head as to what you were trying to say.What was it with the words the luggage and the load.

    True emotions/experience are far more complex to be put down in simple words,expressed on one’s face or let shine through one’s eyes.But they are an attemtpt.A portal of entry into one’s thought process.They are a chance to articulate what we feel.

    I think most people who write understand that limitation of expression.So many times what is written is not what is understood and what is understood was never the intention of the blogger to convey.But doesn’t that encourage streaming of thought processes,possibilities of difeerent perspectives.Some times the luggage we leave behind gain a different meaning.And I think it is all good.

    I am glad you say that each thought is as precious as the other.Because in some way it is really a part of you in each post.

    I might have just rewritten your post, so I better stop.But I have to say this post of yours endorses that I am no narcissit.It is ok to love and respect each post that I have ever written.

    So thank-you.I am glad you took up your own tag.


  3. ==Neo:
    Thank you!

    Thank you Adi, I think that was a very innovative way of doing the Tune Tag. Brilliant choices! And hey, welcome to WP!

    I’ll admit too, that the post was a bit complicated. But there was a larger context to what I wanted to say – especially if I wanted to say it right; whether I actually did – is another matter. I understand that this may have been difficult to comprehend given the mish-mash of ideas. But I am glad you read it as many times as you did. Because I feel you got the essence of the post!



  4. this post “speaks” to me – and makes me think
    how curious – when half the world go to
    counselling etc and all they might truly need
    is a philosopher –

    lightening the load…. i am doing all i can
    – going forward etc – making such wonderful plans –
    i never ever stagnate but my heart –
    my silly silly heart will not let go of the
    bag 🙂 😦
    and my mind is frustrated with my heart…

    i just love love love your blog…



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