Eyes Wide Shut

It’s about six-forty in the morning and I just finished Blink, by Malcom Gladwell. I have yet to read The Tipping Point by the same author, but now, I am not sure that I will.

The problem with any book is its reputation – especially if there is a lot of it. For some reason – it kept reminding me of Freakonomics – only this was esoteric on the dull side.

There is a trend (I am not sure who started it) of looking at the world as if suddenly we are finding new things. These books go on with examples and experiences – and it just seems never ending. Some examples are interesting – but then it does get boring after a while. India Unbound, The World is Flat (left it halfway), and now Blink. I am given to believe that the Tipping Point is similar. I call these, the “books that tell us what we know”. And I may add, “that we choose not to know”. Possibly we are bang in between a revolution of how we see our world – and these are the small changes that we dont notice. Hmm. Need to read Tipping Point.

Freakonomics stands out – because the relationships that it talks of – are curious, to say the least.

Blink is a good book, mind you, nothing wrong with it – but it failed to impress. At least as much as the promise that people said it held. The theory that the book talks about is absolutely bang on! And I should have known. I don’t pick up books recommended by some people. Then many people talk about it – I know all the more I shouldn’t pick it up. But then you feel left out – because everyone is talking about it. That is not the Blink moment. The moment I choose not to pick it up is the Blink moment.

Recommended only if you want to be told, with never ending examples of, what you possibly already know. Yawn, need to get forty blinks…er…winks, or more.


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