Shed Light: A Tag

So you’ve been blogging for ‘some’ time. Apart from living your ‘other’ life, this has taken a significant portion of you time and effort. People around you have always wondered why this is so important to you.

It is probably the first unstructured tag ever. No five or seven or eight or ten things about you, or about your lover. No, not about the books you read, or the movies you see. No limit to the words that you can use, no specific words that you should use (though I am tempted)

There is a context however, and here it is: it has to be about your blogging experience, link us to what you believe are some of your best posts – tell us (at least now) why they are important to you – what you like about them. Keep it as free form as a possible – tell us a story. Tell us what blogging has meant to you, notwithstanding the opinion of the media (or anyone else).

Then, more importantly, do this tag as an introspection – not as a chore – do it because (and if you believe in blogging) – the experience that it has meant to you.

Do you need to tag anyone? How many people? I leave that to you – if you have understood the essence of the tag – you will know whom and how many to tag.

There isn’t a time limit – there isn’t even a compulsion.

If you can add categories or labels, may I suggest – that you add ‘blogexperience’ as a category or a label when and if you choose to do this tag.

A tag – in its essential meaning is an ‘assignment’, so I cannot devalue the meaning of the word without tagging people (I hope you believe me and do the same). Some people that I have learnt from and sincerely respect in the blog world are tagged:

Dextrous Doings
Educated & Unemployed
Cutting the Chai
A Few Seasons Worth
Twilight Fairy
On The Ganga Mail
Mutterings that Matter
Labile Moods
Expressions Of Silence
The Shadow Of Abaniko

It takes more than sexy posts – I am a believer of consistency. I look forward to know what blogging means to you.


24 thoughts on “Shed Light: A Tag

  1. I have been meaning to write something about why I blog and other things related to personal blogging but can’t find the momentum to do it. Now, you just triggered me to come up with such a post. Thanks for the invitation.
    Will do the ‘tag’ before the week ends.


  2. Atul, I’m all ‘lit’ up for this. I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it – but this is one tag I’m sure all blogsurfers will love to ride on. Thanks for tagging me 🙂


  3. ==E&U, Soumyadip, Abaniko, Ganga, Alapana & Jolvin:
    Thank you – I am glad that this is one tag nobody is groaning at 🙂 I look forward to the post.


    Consider yourself tagged. It would be a good exercise!

    Well said!

    I am sad in a way @ 1000 hits – I was awake till 960 yesterday – hoping I’ll post soon after. Dang! It happened while I was asleep! But I am happy – and thank you – you ar enot only a blogging buddy – you are also a WP buddy! 🙂


  4. I am only half myself without a means of expression.
    Blogging is in part an answer to self knowledge as
    I am a truer version of myself in my posts.
    I am more authentic!
    It also helps me reflect on significant life events and
    be creative about it as well with my photography:)


  5. ==E&U:

    I am glad. And girls – look I made the tag and I decide the rules so…nah…just kidding, think I’ll ever run away from such a tag? Coming up – the rule says no time limits 😉

    Sophie, welcome to Gaizabonts. And thanks a ton for ‘doing the tag’! I’ll be watching out for the photos.


  6. naya ghar?!! you exported all stuff here? 🙂

    and before I write a similar sounding comment..let me first thank u for this:

    “Some people that I have learnt from and sincerely respect in the blog world are tagged”..
    whoa, thanks :).. will write abt this.. soon enough 😛 🙂


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