The Defining Moment


We have all heard of it – that one moment that is the “tipping point”. While it is hugely recommended, I have yet to read the book by that name. The one moment that defines, in a way, the choice of your path when at cross-roads; possibly changes things forever.

It is often not obvious, so we tend to miss it, dismiss it as just another event. So we end up not paying any attention to it.

Then once in a while an event occurs that is too big – too glamorous, too alive and real. We obviously sense it – because it is in our face. Staring right at us.

For the same reason we miss this too. It is so glaring and we are so awestruck that we miss this moment too – we are so busy dealing with the glamour and the spotlight of the moment that we don’t ever realise that it is a potential tipping point – a life changing moment.

We are all offered the chance to bring about the change that we want – only we are so busy focusing on bringing about that change, that we forget to notice the catalyst-for-change, which oh-so-frequently keeps popping up for our attention and response.

What can I say, it was the most memorable evenings of my life. Three aspirations came alive in one evening. One, that I could only have dreamed of, another, that I wished for, and the third that I was working on.


4 thoughts on “The Defining Moment

  1. There I was actually floating in the air, hovering above the whole world, living out my dream in a hot air ballooon, but packed with o so many Jap tourists all clicking pictures furiously and getting so disgusted by their refusal to enjoy the moment rather than capturing it for posterity.

    Till I caught myself and just snapped out of it. Thereafter, I was oblivious to all but my enjoyment of the moment. 🙂


  2. I guess the two are different in contests. The defining point (or moment) is one that actually stands for all the efforts and dreams coming true. It actually defines what you stood for, defines you. Tipping moment actually changes the way of you define your life. For example : My gold medal at college was a defining moment. My meeting my wife to be a tipping moment.


  3. With flyovers everywhere I think I missed the crossroads of that one defining moment. Jokes apart I think moments like a defining moment or that ‘tipping’ point are just as easy to miss with the life that we lead. They are gone in a blink (another book by the same author of tipping point). Sometimes it sounds too filmy that some catastrophe changes someone – 9/11, 26/7, 7/7, 7/11, 26/12 – are all tipping points in some form.


  4. ==Shankari:
    Ah yes, that is such a funny feeling, isn’t it? I have gone through that many times myself. Ironic isn’t it – you go someplace great – and you have a camera to capture the moment – but then you lose the moment!

    I would tend to agree with your PoV, only, in this post – I meant them to be the one and the same. You point is well taken however.

    Very interesting – a flyover makes us miss the cross road – a choice of no choice. All those ‘points’ and ‘moments’ that get noticed become ‘brand names’


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