Spamming Creativity

One of my posts regarding dignity of labour was recently in the news. I still stand by that philosophy. Why wouldn’t I? I invented that phrase in a shady bar off the Western Express Highway at Andheri. It was argued upon with management-type thinkers and union leader-type thinkers alike. It was passed and registered.

So, what is you opinion of the work of a spammer? The one who sends spam mails – yes.

Of all possible responses you may have had to the question above, I am willing to bet that you didn’t say “I like it”, or “I respect it”, unless of course you spam for a living.

And if you do spam, let me tell you – I ‘do’ respect the job that you do. Don’t get me wrong – I hate it when I get spam mails – I believe it to be one of the top ten nuisances of the modern world. I use all tools possible to combat spam.

I have come to respect those short (though nasty and useless) emails that you send – and the design around them – to combat spam folder rules. More so, those creative ways of writing via Agra and other related words.

I would imagine it is a very creative job, a demanding one at that – what with anti-virus companies getting into the business of fighting the scum of spam. However, I also imagine that it is a very thankless job. I can imagine you on a train on the way back home. Two people in front of you cursing every spam mail and the person who sent it. I can almost see it – I am in the train as I write this.

I don’t like the result of what you do, but I think it’s really creative. Only, creativity like this creates regressional technology. Can you use your ideas for something that people welcome – rather than abhor and discard?

PS: My first moblog on WordPress. You may now get an idea why I thought of you


4 thoughts on “Spamming Creativity

  1. For the challenged person that I am, I don’t know what a moblog is or how does it connect to spammers.How ever I think I get an idea.This adds to my list have to find out soon.Wikipedia and Google will come to the rescue.

    How ever I do see how dignity in labour and the appreciation towards spammers has come about.What I also appreciate is the abilty in seeing a little positive in a lot of negative.

    Brings hope home.Thanks.


  2. ==E&U:
    Why Google? MoBlogging = blogging through a mobile device. Connection = I was checking my email on a mobile device, and because the device downloads only a part of the message to save bandwidth – the only messages that I got ‘completely’ are the ones from the spammers.

    Thank you for ‘seeing’ the point inspite of the jargon – I am glad – seems Gaizabonts has not changed in character after all, when it changed home 🙂

    All the best!


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