My First Tag of 8

I am relatively impulsive, especially when it comes to gadgets, books and anything new; though I am waiting for that one gadget that does everything and fits in your hand. Now that is the first thing about me. Which curiously and instantly, brings us to the second thing; I am curious about things – I like to know how things work – however – I like to do it in a more tactile manner. I like to open up things (and put them back again with about a success factor of 95%). I don’t like to read about how things work. If you tell me something I don’t know then I am very likely to Google it (Ah! A noun that has indeed become verb in my lifetime) and find out what I don’t know. It probably follows then that the third thing would be that I hardly ever read an instructional manual when I get these things. The manual is useful only for the extra features or shortcuts. I insist on doing the basic setup myself, much to the panic of people around me.

All this gadget study, radiation, and ignoring manuals have a heavy toll on me, so I often head out to the country. I love driving – especially long drives. This, if you haven’t realised is the fourth thing that you wanted to know. I don’t particularly hate city driving – it has its own charm – but driving under a canopy of mango trees in Konkan or past the sentinels of Ashoka trees in the interior is half-an-inch closer to heaven. Which I do believe in, by the way but not in the traditional way; we often get glimpses of heaven right here on earth – I guess we are too busy to notice – because we are writing (or reading) the fifth thing about me (or is it I?). Nah! It should be “me”.

I get worked up by bad grammar from those who are (were) apparent standards and after a while (when I am writing the next thing about me) I read and review and re-review if I have made mistakes. I hate making mistakes, but I allow myself to make them as long as I will correct them with equal humility. Unlike what most people believe, I don’t mind being corrected. Seven used to be my lucky number, but then I forgot about it somewhere along the way. I do believe in luck – but only that others have it. Funny, that this should be the seventh point.

Lastly, I like tags, but then no one either tags me or the tags are just about getting to know people. I miss interesting, challenging, and fun tags like this one

And, if you haven’t realised, this was Adi’s tag, which I have completed. And a big thank you to you Adi, this just happens to be my first tag here. And I will tag six people (and not release the tag in ether), though, most of the people I wished I could tag, have already done it. But let me try.

Jolvin hasn’t done a tag for some time (I always tag him) and neither has Parul. Het has been quiet for quite some time, and if I am not mistaken, this would be the first time his better half got tagged? I hope that makes Toral blog more often. I’d like Shankari to do it, as well as Sharmishta. Don’t recall them having done a tag ever? (OK, I haven’t been to your archives!)


16 thoughts on “My First Tag of 8

  1. ==Soumyadip:
    Knew you would find me…!

    Either I screwed up or WordPress did. Anyways, I am not ‘closing’ the blogger blog so I guess its OK. Have been experimenting it for a while. Also, as I explore more, I guess you are the one I am going to bug! 🙂 Cheers!


  2. confession to make….i have no idea how to do all the techno stuff….still have loads to learn… fact if u volunteer then u can comment on the new blog i’m experimenting with….its professional, so may not interest u too much, but planning to work on my blogs this weekend and add tags to them…let shope my dear husband proves to be a good teacher 🙂

    and been meaning to say this for a while….thanx for dropping by!


  3. ==Sharmishta :
    this is not the techno stuff. Here’s what you got to do. Write 8 things abt ourself – that is all – and then have six other people do the same to you. At least write those 8 things abt yourself. Plain and simple writing! 🙂
    Which one is the professional blog?


  4. Found you, once again.:)
    Was feeling a little lost there..thought I’d wait for the official..”here is my my new url”
    Too bad, the withdrawl symptoms got the better of me.:D

    That tag was indeed very well done.
    Nice to get to know little pieces of you.


  5. ==E&U:i was counting on most ppl to get the clue. you did – i am glad. Thank you @ tag. 🙂 This is Gaizabonts home from now on. Keep coming. Make a wordpress login for easy commenting – who knows – you might convert someday! 🙂


  6. Hey, this is a very original way of responding to an “enumeration tag.” Ditto here on the ultimate gadget. I wish I have that one thing that will do practically everything for me – including thinking. Haha.


  7. as always, u score cent per cent.
    more than the things, it is the way they’ve been written will appeal to most people.
    i loved both the aspects though.
    i hope u’ll tag me something interesting next.


  8. ==Sharmista:
    Saw the blog – you should keep blogging – best option

    Am sure it (the gadget) is on its way. Thank ye!

    Thank you, you are too kind. I’ am glad you liked it! You are definitely on my taggable list!


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