Another Bout of Schizophrenia

The first one occurred here.

Blogger hasn’t yet invited me to their beta. Did I screw up in extra-anticipation by using the same email address to create a test-beta blog? Does it matter? The only thing I want to know is what people reply to what I say on their blogs. Does it matter?

If, according to Richard Bach, love is the most mangled word in the English language after God, then Madhushala (by Harivanshrai Bachchan) is the most misunderstood poem in the world.

Before helping someone – ask – if they “really” need the help. Don’t demean their struggles and insult them with your help, just because you can. If you really have to, help yourself.

Lage Raho Munnabhai’ is not a great film, less the wonderful performance by Arshad Warsi. You should still see it. It will teach you one thing (if you are willing to learn) – philosophy changes with the nature of human being. Don’t take it at face value. It is preachy. You and I don’t have director who is on our side.

Home is where you belong. Where you belong is your decision.

Don’t curse Mumbai if you haven’t lived here long enough to feel its soul. Make neutral comments; let it be. Be Richard – the Lion-hearted; forgive the city. Don’t armchair-fight it from Pune or anywhere else.

How many times you ask the same question doesn’t matter. If you ask a question once you’d like an answer, ask it twice, you are concerned. If you ask it the third time, you are an idiot. Silence is an answer in your favour. It’s your license to learn.

“If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him” is a book by Sheldon Kopp, a psychoanalyst or that kind of a person. Not by a Zen Master. Read well and remember – Readers’ Digest.

Love has different dimensions – if it works – help the other person know what your definition of love is. Don’t leave it to interpretation. If the meaning changes in between – be brave enough to make that statement. Truth and respect is encompassed in love. Love is an all encompassing word. Be careful with its use.

Any financial investment as told by your financial advisor is safe and worthwhile. Ask yourself, however, do you know why you want money? Do you have your own personal philosophy for investments and returns? Tell him or her (as the case may be) what you think money means for you.

Keep an open mind. Do your analyses later.

Not all people are as expressive as you are. Not all of them are as bohemian as you are. Learn to respect that. Thank them for the little time you get with them. It is precious – don’t demean it by cursing unspent time. Thank them for the moments that were available.

File your tax and bank papers properly. Keep records for seven years. It’s a legal requirement. Close bank accounts you don’t need. Remember what a thousand Rupees meant to you when you just left college.

If you can’t respect the National Anthem, enter the theatre when the anthem is over. It is not mandatory to respect the anthem even if the politicians say so. Respect the feelings of the people who respect the anthem. They are human, so are you.

Theorems are built of axioms. The only reason a theorem holds true – is that an axiom is consistent. Build your axioms. Axioms aren’t questioned. Be consistent. An axiom can’t change because it suits a theorem.


If you can’t respond without offending, shut up. Making a point is not as important as knowing the point. People don’t always intend to insult. Sometimes they are the idiots. Let them be.

Listen to Sunscreen at least once in your life. Don’t assume that guys are contend with friendship. Being best friends could be a possible compromise for him.

Don’t mind this post; like ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ it’s preachy.


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