Saara Pyaar Tumhara

Can you love to the point of embarrassing the one you love?

When you are deep-rooted in reason; in the practical practice of getting things done, you tend not to notice. Every moment is a struggle to get from nowhere to nowhere. Every moment is an agenda of everyday uselessness. The eyes are wide shut to notice anything different in the all-pervasive mundane.

Then you have an out-of-body experience. Not the esoteric transcendental sorts – the sort where you are back in the same environment without an agenda. Eyes wide open. Every emotional sensor receives signals clearly. Like when Neo saw Agent Smith as inverted katakana code, he saw beyond what he was trained to see. He was in the Matrix, but without the agenda (of serving the Matrix’s purpose).

Respect, love, affection are words without meaning. The emotions that they describe do exist, but they have new cynical names – sycophancy, lip-service, and the types. There is a limited ability to trust; a tentative acceptance. The emotion is obscured by these new skins and prohibits us to see the code.

Spread the Love

Then along comes someone and rips off the skin, and you see the green Matrix digital rain. You see beyond the skin. I am glad I got a chance to see with my eyes closed.

Yes, someone can love you to the point of embarrassment. Question is, will you notice the love or manage the embarrassment?

Title translation – “All your Love”


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