Comme Ci Comme Ça

Most of our life, things are comme ci comme ça. So-so; sort of; kind-of-ok. Or something like that. Most of the times. Not always. Most of the times. The law of averages catches up, right?

It is an average life?

IMG_4813 - Version 2

In abstraction every person finds a meaning – or not. “What do you mean?” How many times have you asked this question of the others? And therefore, how many times have you asked this question to yourself?

Without knowing so, we do so many things in life without knowing what we want to do and why we want to do it. When I first heard it – it was komsi komsa, after a decent Google search, I realized, it should be “comme ci comme ça”.


Why, in a week, I heard that term more than the cigarettes I smoked? Why was an effort so so-so? Why was a “Good!” in between the comme ci comme ça so exhilarating? It was a ‘back to school moment’. Yet, it was different than the schooling I have known.

Was it your perspective vs. mine? Was it your incapacity to know my thoughts? Am I better with words than I am with pictures? Am I worse at pictures than words? Was it that your culture and mine were clashing to the extent of chaos? Am I torn between two cultures?

It eventually didn’t matter. What mattered was the learning. And interestingly this time – the learning mattered not only for me – the student – but also for the teacher.

Ah! To be back to school again!!! Thank you Diego!

3 thoughts on “Comme Ci Comme Ça

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