The Art Superset

Superman (or superwoman for that matter) has always been a concept of saving the world – primarily a show of strength. The superhuman, however, is the human endowed with multiple talents – not just strength. And when we talk of strength – maybe it should cover the emotional and artistic aspects of being human. And, being human is the greatest mystery known to human kind. Possibly even mysterious than Papa Freud’s theory about the mysteries of womankind.

So we are pretty aware of the ‘qualification’ of being strong in terms of superpowers. How would we quantify strength in terms of talent? Is there a basis? A standard – a set of qualifications, if you will?

I didn’t know of one – till now.

In the process of research for my other blogs (the History one and the Marathi one), I came across this reference. It is in Marathi, but has English explanations, and for some of you who know Hindi or Sanskrit, some of the terms may seem familiar. In any case, most of these terms are foreign to me. Mind you, it is a longish read – because there are – sixty-four arts! If you will, score yourself! And if you ever questioned what you want to do with life – hey – just pick a few from the list – they will probably keep you occupied for more than one lifetime.

Ready? Go have fun! Posted by Picasa


4 thoughts on “The Art Superset

  1. My score is one : reading…thanx to my teachers who taught me when i was a kid…which means that i havent acquired any talent in the remaining 25 years

    hmmm…so depressing


  2. –sheriff: you are probably the only one who went thru – and got a score 🙂 Its not really depressing – maybe the artforms have undergone changes in the last few years 🙂


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