A Bout of Schizophrenia

from the freedictionary: schizophrenia: A situation or condition that results from the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic qualities, identities, or activities

I got an ‘honourable mention’ on Ganga’s blog – he has nice words for a blog and posts that are wayward thoughts discovering structure and attempting meaning. He says I am a senior blogger – I hope it is not an age thing. This is the second time my blog got mentioned on someone’s anniversary post. Bishwanath did it first – it was his 75th post anniversary. I apparently scare him. Then there was also a mention about my blog on E&U’s blog once – something to do with a tag. Well, thank you all for the mentions that Gaizabonts has got at various times; to be brutally frank, it is very nice to read about oneself – as much as any of us may deny it – thank you for the kind words.

It’s only my 167th post and only two-and-a-half years since I started blogging.

Then, the only blog person with whom I have ever spoken with asked me how I find the time to write eight, forget one blog. (Well the secret is that the other seven don’t get updated as often – so it’s not really that much of an achievement). After the call was over and the compliments done, I got wondering if that seemingly innocent remark had larger implications. The perception obviously would be that I have a lot of time on hand to write and maintain eight blogs. The Merovingian said it best, “Yes, of course, who has time? Who has time? But then if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time?” Life kind of changed for me after Matrix Reloaded – this particular dialogue. But then, I guess, Anil Kapoor said it way back in Tezaab, “Time hota nahi hai, nikaalnaa padta hai.” Oh, but then, we were just a bunch of kids who had all the time in the world.

He spoke about time as a commodity that could be traded on the stock market.

When I first heard of the phrase “work-life balance”, I recall, I was smiling on the outside and hysterically ROFL on the inside. I have never known what there was to balance – as if work and life were two different things. It did sound so much like a Big-5 consulting term (and I had read it on a Big-5 recruitment site – where I was applying for a job). Treat everything as work or treat everything as life – it sorts itself out? Maybe. Maybe not. A boss I once had, had a poster thingy on his soft-board – “love your job and you won’t have to work a day in your life”. If you have a problem with work-life balance – then you need to change your job.

If work is worship, why do we so distrust “God”?

We all become wise when we grow; we talk of work life balance, affirmative action, appeasing government – like the most adored IT company in India – suggested that the IT industry should start paying taxes now; shut the tax holiday. Right! You been there done that; reaped the benefits of a tax-free regime; listed yourself so successfully that you now have to split your shares in decimals – you big boy darling of the stock market and the government – screw the small guys. Let’s pay taxes. Life itself is taxing anyways, what are a few more rupees to the GoI? Benjy said it right – “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Maybe one more thing is certain – love. But that’s another potentially schizophrenic post.

Age, experience, and knowledge are not regressive, are they?

One last thought – do you write the title of your post (if you do) before you write the post or after you write it?


14 thoughts on “A Bout of Schizophrenia

  1. Age experience and knowledge I would like to believe aren’t regressive, but I have known people to have have regressed in thought.I believe that would cause a decline in function.
    About the titles, mine mostly spring up during the writing, or at the end of it.


  2. And I do want to add,I love your writing.I look forward to it.It challenges my thinking.I have never got intimidated(scared), though I have passed by totally lost and confused, and that I haven’t enjoyed.


  3. –E&U: @ C1: i should have known – it’s ppl who are regressive. The titles part – ah – let me wait for other to comment (if they will) to describe what i meant.

    –E&U: @ C2: thank you – just goes to prove that my blog isnt going for the TRP – often the conscience is outside of ourself – in a way 🙂


  4. “love your job and you won’t have to work a day in your life”
    Very true,i exp it myself,i have been into my job 6yrs,and i never worked a single day.Its been a way of living for me,Teaching is not any profession which fetches money,Not for me atleast:)But when it comes to some administrative position which i held anytime i always cribbed abt lack of time,How i am always busy,NO TIME became fav line {or word! ! !}
    None- Age,Exp and Knowledge are Regressive,Can never be,But some people who sought them,who have been through it,who grow wiser with age or exp can be regressive,there are always two sides to a coin,isnt it? Or may be a persons thought process is not directly proportional to Age,Knowledge and exp. Is it so? Confusing:(
    See,this is what happens when i try to comment here,its all fair and wonderful when i keep myself to reading each and every post here,infact even the comment section,so your stats might show that i come here atleast thrice a day,but it all goes wrong when i start commenting,I get nervous, tensed as if i am giving an exam and utterly confused over the sentences i use here.Sigh! ! !
    this place will always be one of my very fav blogs which i read daily:)


  5. I can never put a title first while writing a post,maybe because when i sit to write i never know what it will be about,even if i have a faint idea i cannot form a title before i give a shape to my thoughts.its mostly at the end or sometimes it is without a title:)


  6. i believe age has a part in maturity…but at one point of age it saturates…What i mean is a 25 yr old man and a 35yr old can have same maturity level…
    And yeah i remember “Time hota nahi hai, nikaalnaa padta hai.” dialogue in Tezaab..Though Anil said it for a funny purpose..i’d take it as a meaningful one.I don’t know why..if any single minute of leisure time occurs(apart from work and family) for me i’d love to dedicate it to bloggong..ha ha.

    btw Biswanath’s link is not working..


  7. –alaaps: @ C1: i get the point @ commenting here…i guess i am getting old – dont chk the sitemeter a lot – have a new toy – google analytics 😛 Mebbe you should write a post on this? 😉

    –alaaps: @ C2: I do that too – often the title is retrospective – unless i know what i am writing abt

    –ganga: i know what you meant @ senior. i agree with you. yes – Anil’s dialogue is for Manadakini when she falls over him – small stuff – starts making sense much later in life? 🙂 Once again – congrats on the 200th post – and thank you for the broken-link msg – hv corrected it now 🙂


  8. I think, age experience and knowledge have a potential to be regressive after a certain point. Sometimes there are interdependencies between the 3. But looking around generally physical aspects of age lead to regressions in the other two areas in some people. Sometimes certains aspects of experience and knowledge could lead to regression too. In this case it’s a matter of perspective — What’s progress to some might look like regression to others, depends on how one quantifies progress.

    Title for a book or a blog is like a name for a person, it’s easier to assign a label to draw attention to, doesn’t change the stock of what’s being named. When i read your blogs i glance at the title, read thru’ the blog and usually go back to the title to see if connects, sometimes it does at times it doesn’t…but the impression of what i’ve just read doesn’t change.


  9. –under the spell: thank you for your comment – and thank you for visiting my blog – more than once. Perspective is the most mangled word in the english language after God and Love (if i allow Richard Bach). But then, in reality – perspective is everything – and being humans as we are – perspective will always have a degree, a minute, a second of a difference when and how we see things. If you haven’t as yet – may I suggest you read a book called “Heresies” by John Gray. It has a wonderful ‘perspective’ on progress.

    And therefore I think I know why ‘sometimes’ the title of a few of my posts doesnt make sense – perspective 🙂

    Once again, thank you for being a visitor long enough to know when titles make sense and when they do not.



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