…sometimes, that’s all you need. Tough, but necessary, when you want to traverse the complex patterns of life.

6 thoughts on “Patience…

  1. comment on ur last post….

    I luv the way u take one single thought, dissect it and bring out so many dimensions…they cease to be just simple thought but a maze of intersecting perspectives…no arrogant conclusions….and yeah even i luv to argue…and it always used to get so heated….but nowadays the frequency has decreased a lot…mellowing with times”…as for the reservation issue, there can be no definite solutions for social problems coz there are always equally valid but conflicting arguments….maybe the truth lies in between the two extremes


  2. –E&U: 🙂

    –ganga: agree – completely!

    –Sherriff: thank you – just wondering why you didnt comment on the actual post 🙂

    yes, some Qs take longer than others for the right answers to come…


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