Cheshire Felines

Quite a task, come to think of it.
Enjoyed just within sixteen quadrants of thoughtful strategy.
Don’t win don’t lose that is your quest.
Muhammad al-Khwarizmi has the answer; question is intriguing.
Kings aren’t qualified enough to rule this land.
Retrace your steps, the truth will quickly reveal.
No quotient no divisor, no remainder here either.
The essential female quintessence; cross out their paths.

This is an answer to a classic problem. Do you know the problem, and – did you get the answer? PS: The image is a distraction.


11 thoughts on “Cheshire Felines

  1. Oh wow..yeah did my bit of research..Awesome..
    Hmm few months ago I think you had posted another picture of similar squares.Would you mind telling me more about them or atleast pointing me to where I could know more about them.Thanks


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