Matrubhoomi: A Potential Review

I didn’t kill any today and none in the past. If my senses hold, I don’t think I will kill any in the days to come.

It’s good for me to say that I say no to dowry and female infanticide. Because I believe in it, because I think it’s the right thing to do. So here I am with the anti-female-infanticide poster. As you read further, know this – I am really against this phenomenon and I will do what I can to stop it.

say no to dowry. stop female foeticide

The next thing I can do, however, is just pray and hope that this phenomenon stops. I personally feel powerless to stop it – as such. The most effective social changes have been either the most silent ones or the most vociferous. In the social circle that I belong to – dowry and female infanticide doesn’t happen as blatantly as it happens in the society that doesn’t read or write blogs. That doesn’t get to see these posters. The worst case, where I wander, is that people end up having more children – but that’s another problem.

There was also the Blank Noise Project; there have been posts about commercial sex workers.

The core of all these issues, however you feel about the injustice, is respect. Respect, primarily towards women, more so towards humans. As humans. Towards fellow humans. Get that right and you have probably addressed most “burning issues”. Respect is “demonstration of deferential regard”. Meet a proud father of two daughters and learn why he values his life so much to fight it out and build a better life for all four of them. Rejoice and reinforce your concepts of respect.

If you have it in you to live a life for yourself and your family, say no to dowry, say no to money-making by bringing up the proverbial insensitive Indian male.

And if you think such actions have no repercussions, go see Matrubhoomi.


2 thoughts on “Matrubhoomi: A Potential Review

  1. The ad was my idea of a connexion. The demand for dowry leads to people’s reluctance for the girl child. So if we can curb dowry, maybe we can reduce the instances of female foeticide.

    You are right in stating that these practices don’t happen as blatantly in the blog reading world – but it does happen here too. The skewed sex ratios in the upmarket areas of our big cities would give a clear idea.

    And yes, everyone should go and watch Maatrubhoomi.


  2. –Soumya: it was a good idea. i agree that it happens where we roam – like i said – i just wish it wasnt – for what it is worth – i will never be party to such a thing. how do i change some one else’s mind? i dunno…


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