Whaddya think?

Not the best template, ever, I know. So don’t even begin commenting on that. Bah! Go ahead, comment – that’s what blogs are for. Else we would write all this in a password-protected MS-Word file saved on our hard disks.

We change clothes ever so often; I gave my blog a makeover.

What would you really wear, a suit (Yellow like Salman Khan or Orange like Govinda?). Can a wardrobe really define your character and your personality. Some clothes in there would. Not because it helps define your character or personality, but in that one set, you feel you!

I spent most of my life in hot, humid coastal India, so never really got a chance to wear a suit. I do now, and I love it. It allows me that much to indulge in the “occasional” neck tie and cufflinks. I don’t change when I change the cotton on my skin. I don’t change when I am in my Rs. 35.00 grey sweat shirt.

I won’t deny, however, I like the feeling of feeling good in my ties and my suits.

Skinning is only cosmetic. A T-Shirt doesn’t guarantee casual-ness and comfort; a suit doesn’t guarantee stoic behaviour. Remember, I told you once, there aren’t guarantees. It doesn’t matter what people wear.

Stop bracketing.

Skins will change; the question is – will you be able to distinguish @ who’s who?


5 thoughts on “Whaddya think?

  1. I thought I missed the old template initially, but after frequenting your blog as much as I always have, I still feel at home.The posts are as thought provoking as they always have been.I guess you are right when you say, the skin will change one has to decipher for themselves who is who.


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