Technology Alienates Humans?

“You don’t read my posts any more.”

“I do, of course I do!”

“Ha! I know, you don’t, haven’t seen an entry on my sitemeter.”

“Sitemeter?” Of course I knew what Sitemeter was, I use one of the free formats myself.

“Yeah, I checked my tracking software, you haven’t visited my blog in months!”

I use Bloglines, an RSS feed tool. I didn’t have an argument. Or maybe I did, but it seemed irrelevant at the point.

I just smiled, and let it go. There is a common thread of thought that technology has brought humans closer. I saw myself smiling even more. There is technology, and then, there is isolation technology.
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13 thoughts on “Technology Alienates Humans?

  1. Knowing that the razor’s edge is sharp we always tend to play with it. Maybe it’s the feeling of holding something that makes you feel powerful…not knowing that its destructive side is more prominent.


  2. –het: that’s true – and i guess it’s more abt ppl than technology?

    –E&U: yes @ scary. sometimes the very means that get us together possibly keep us apart, isnt it?


  3. –abhi: it all depends on how you view technoloy i guess? it all boils down to what we believe – email for example – “insists” that we be prompt in our response – in a personal sense – what caused the death of the skill of letter writing? human need or the ‘actual’ death of the skill?


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