Aww? Or Awe?

In the presence of authority, is it awe or is it aww? What’s your first reaction to a uniform? I talked of fear some time earlier “the two forms of respect – one driven by fear and the other driven by values.”

Awe is a combination of respect and fear – that’s my definition of it – what the dictionary says is “A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might”.

In a very different context UNI makes a statement of fear and respect. I find it complicated.


4 thoughts on “Aww? Or Awe?

  1. Respect can be like fear, awe, or submission. Other things have authority over us, so respect can be like obedience. But respect is most commonly thought of as a mode of valuing.And we can respect things we don’t like or agree with..For example ..i don’t like wearing helmet while driving..but it’s compulsive i’m obeying it..that’s i’m manipulating respect towards traffic cops..lolz
    To be a form or expresion of respect, behavior has to be motivated by one’s acknoledgment of the object as calling for that behavior, and it has to be motivated directly by consideration that the object is what it is, without reference to one’s own interests and desires.
    oh..seems like a looong comment..


  2. When I see a uniform like a policewalla I am afraid. Honest. This is because of the long list of atrocities that I have heard happen to either people I know or in the paper.

    When I see a uniform like someone in the Army, Navy or Air Force I feel respect and AWE.

    The diffrence to me is in the reputation they have. Sorry, I’m one of the herd on this one.


  3. –ganga: the helmet story is very interesting – it’s coercion (for whatever reason, i wouldnt deem that as respect). the ability to respect in isolation of our own values – is a a rare form of respect 🙂 Thanks for the long comment.

    –AFJ: nothing for “you” to be sorry abt. it’s the police who need to be sorry – why a uniform at one place evokes respect and at the other evokes fear! a uniform by itself is worthless if the person wearing the uniform is devoid of character.

    –sines: i think fear with respect is abt some kind of a funny form of a positive fear. But i couldnt agree with you more – fear by itself – often has ange associated with it. is fear – a passive form of expressing anger?


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