I Tagged Myself (Addiction/Fad)

Andrea comes out on the tops. She is the only one who responded to my tag in record time. Tsk tsk Jolvin!

It was the first time I ever got tagged. And it was a good experience.

I am celebrating my 62nd postanniversary. Senior Citizen! I am tagging myself to list 7 of my best posts. When I started my blog – I had no idea what I was going to do with the blog. So I blogged my (then) recent escapade. The one week that I did, of the one year that I want to do. Nov 3rd week I’ll do it again (hopefully).

It’s been quite a while.

Here are my seven favourite posts from the past:

  1. Underground
  2. OCPD Blogging
  3. My Mindful Friend
  4. And the Heart can Explode…
  5. Age of Reflection
  6. The Concept of Geography
  7. The Value of my Money.Tag yourself if you want to – I won’t tag you. A friend said, tagging trivializes that purpose of blogging (or something to that effect). When this fad is overcome, I will resume blogging.Life is about looking at your past and building your future.

6 thoughts on “I Tagged Myself (Addiction/Fad)

  1. wow.. you have a long blogging history. and there is more to come 😀

    Of the posts you have mentioned, my fav is “my mindful friend” :). My out of ordinary n extraordinary thoughts come right when i dont have anything to capture it on..
    rely on my friend.

    A little help is always welcome.
    I wont say i dont trust my mind. I do seek opinions but do what is finally acceptable and agreeable to my friend 🙂


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