OCPD Blogging

A potential friend of mine is busy matching clips with clothes. While she is match making, here I am OCPD blogging away. I don’t have (or need) clips. Bloghopping is enough indulgence for me.

I read many “kinds” of blogs, viz., (a) days gone by with emotions twirled with the incidents of the day, (b) news items that have an opinion tagged to each one of them, (c) issues that make (or break) our country; happy to see youth apparently so involved (most of them away from the country), (d) abstract stuff, (e) poems – so personal – yet so encompassing, and (f) random stuff that I don’t understand.

There are of course those nice guys that are attempting consolidation; and their blogs are just that – consolidation of Indian Bloggers.

A friend of mine, who doesn’t talk a lot with me, is enamoured by my take on philosophy. I am like a philosophy shop. Hey, you butcher, give me half-a-kilo of philosophy. Like instant coffee, like a commodity. My blog is the eBay of philosophy – that doesn’t require credit cards – it’s free!

Free is a four-letter word. It is worse a word than the other famous four letter F-word you know. It is more insulting than that other F-word.

Free: it means that there is no transaction. It means that I don’t value your goods – tangible or otherwise. It means – I will not give anything in return. I will bleed you, by my whim. Worse – it tells you how I believe in the value of anything.

An artist friend and I had an argument once about the commerce of art. If you do it for yourself, I said, don’t ask for anything in return. If you do it for commerce, then don’t compromise. You are not compromising on your work – you are compromising on who you are – your values. My friend struggles, but she seems to be getting there.

I read a blog entry about capitalism, in a very different sense today. I am happy that we have people who still value the fundamental precept of capitalism.

I wish I could blog about simple things and put those smileys about my “mood today”. I guess I am not just cut out for that.

I did, like any of you, had incidents today, a blame that wasn’t mine, a lawyer in denial, a response that never came, I friend far away who doesn’t believe in chat as an alternative form of communication, another friend who I could wake up at 2:35AM his time and have a thirty+ minute conversation, a love that is ‘really’ away, and a 10-min call to explain the importance of email to another friend.

Art Garfunkel, in the Concert in Central Park said, “What a night!” I say, “What a life!”


10 thoughts on “OCPD Blogging

  1. Sushmita: tx, geography – as much as lovers deny it – is a factor that affects lovers. i am a few (many) thousand miles away from my love. hope to meet her this saturday 🙂

    best, take care


  2. I wish I could blog about simple things and put those smileys about my “mood today” Maybe what you write is different but sure it is simple for you to write it this way:) Its all in the way we look at it,PERCEPTIONS they say:)
    You have been on my blog a few days back and thansk for stopping by.
    “I will not give anything in return. I will bleed you, by my whim. Worse – it tells you how I believe in the value of anything” very true.


  3. Anumita: All of us are bloggers, rest assured. :-))

    i am not complaining, but yes it’s always greener on the other side. 😉

    Akruti: completely agree with @ perceptions – that’s how the same things in life seem different to all of us. 🙂


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