I’ll stay

What is a home; what’s a house? What makes a house a home and vice versa? People living in it? I have searched for houses, more than once. I have met various breeds of agents. The nice ones and the not so nice ones. They sell you the concept of a home. I wonder if any of the four-wall-one-ceiling structures would ever be an abode for me. I did that umpteen times in India. Here I am – doing it in London. The agents are smart, they speak well, they talk smart, but the language is the same. What about all the places that I have lived? What has determined that those houses became homes? The family makes a house a home. Love and affection; what else have you heard? Char log, char deewaar ko ghar banate hai. (four people make four walls a home)

I disagree. Completely.

The sense of a place for us and its counter-sense of who we are, is about how we treat that place. Now, let that place be your home, office, hang-out, or even your country. You can live alone – and it can be home. If you believe the place to be comfortable for you, then it becomes home. An office, a hotel, a country becomes home only if and when you are able to identify with it. If you feel comfortable there.

And when you leave the abode that gave you comfort, what becomes of it? What does it mean to you?


7 thoughts on “I’ll stay

  1. And when you leave the abode that gave you comfort, what becomes of it? What does it mean to you?

    I think it then becomes the model which we keep searching in the newly formed home. We try to compare it with the one we left, and when it seems not so much possible, we start moulding ourselves into the newly occupied house. Whatever way it is, we always try to make the house into the HOME.


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  3. I too feel, you can be at home no matter where you are. No matter where you go you can make a home there. It is all about what you tell your mind, and how you chose to be.


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