Age of Reflection

After thirty-three years, it’s more about where you have come from, than where you are going. The times are definitely a’ changing. Geography sets in, and where we have come from, therefore becomes that much more important. In this new age, geography is more about the distances in our minds, not so much about physical distances. It’s about reflecting more than forecasting and planning.

And this is the reflection. In the past thirty-three years I have learned a lot. I have used what I have learned. I have learned mostly from people and the situations that I have been in with these people. I have learned things that seemed insignificant now and have become significant now. Vice versa. An erstwhile boss taught me how an otherwise ordinary looking person can look good. That is, if you are willing to believe it. My customers helped me learn more about my work. My teachers taught me the limits that we can and should go to, while teaching the anatomy of a Euglena. My friends showed me what joy in life means. My girlfriends gave me the experience of being in love (and out of love). My parents taught me what a purpose in life means.

I have learnt from people I don’t know. Friendless people sitting at a bar drinking alone taught me that loneliness is a factor of how you look at the world – it is not a state in which you are – ever. Tired waiters waiting for me to leave the bar taught me that work cannot always be worship. Corrupt traffic policemen taught me the concept of respect – the two forms of respect – one driven by fear and the other driven by values. Mobs taught how fragile facts are when challenged by rhetoric.

Every moment in life has taught me something about myself and the people around me – I have at best chosen or have been able to learn a fraction of the available learning.

In all this time, God has taken care of me and enabled this learning.

I have never thanked these people. I probably never will (definitely won’t send a thank you note). None of them really chose to teach me anything. I never chose to learn from them. I feel very grateful however. I feel like thanking them. A collective and a vague thank you for a collective and vague learning that has helped me define who I am.

All’s well, happy birthday


5 thoughts on “Age of Reflection

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